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Additional Information

The Travel Therapist is founded by Aseem Hattangadi, who has close to two decades of experience in the travel industry, having worked with some of the leading companies in India. His forte lies in planning, strategy and chalking out itineraries that highlight unique experiences. 

At The Travel Therapist, we believe that, travelling is as relaxing as any other form of therapy. It helps you unwind, leave behind routine, forget stress and immerse yourself in the magic of a destination. What sets us apart is that our packages are designed around the tastes and preferences of our customers, while we do have some packages here these are only to spark your imagination! Talk to us, tell us what inspires you and gets you going, we'll research and come back to you with something off-beat that will make your vacation even more memorable. 

We have benefited immensely from travel therapy and we're sure, with us, you will do too! 


Why travel with us


Unique life experiences

We specialize in offering once in a lifetime experiences that will create lasting memories.


Personalised trips

Travel is different for everyone. We want to make sure that you are getting the most from your trip by crafting the dream vacation that is perfect for you.


Incredible detail and service

We've got your back. In the event something does come up. Our team is here to help make sure your trip is not interrupted.